It is not enough to think our of the box, you need to free your mind from thinking of the box. Ink&Feather

Let’s talk about letters for a minute. Yes, that’s right, there are only 26 of them, yet you could write a book as bulky as War and Peace without the fear of repeating yourself.

Truth is, you can do a lot with letters and letters can do a lot for you and your brand.

Using a combination of letters, you twist them, flip them, interchange them and end up with a different language altogether. A different combination of letters will yield a variety of words in isiZulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, etc. Heck, even Swahili.

You see, we still use the same 26 letters to stimulate feelings of joy, excitement, happiness and quite importantly, to influence purchasing habits of the type of consumer you are looking for. So whether they speak Portuguese, Italian, German or Spanish, they will read the same 26 letters to decide whether they want your product or not. Using the same 26 letters, we have also perfected the art of painting pictures in people’s heads.

Think of this. What colour are the New York taxis? What colour is the sky on a sunny summer’s day?

Without mentioning the colour, we got you to think of yellow Taxis in New York and we got you to think of the colour blue in the case of the sky – with some white clouds if you’re one of the more creative types.

So why did we make you read all this copy? Think about it – if we got you to read this far (with no pictures), imagine how hooked your target market will be when our designers and art directors start working their communication and marketing magic onto a layout.

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We promise you, the time spent reading this will prove to be the best investment you ever made into marketing your business.


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